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Smartphones, tablets and some LEDs.

Today, we are continually exposed to blue light. Several specialists warn against this exposure, because it is dangerous for our eyes. The increased use of these digital devices (computers, tablets, smartphones …), has created a population victim of several visual problems, such as visual fatigue, ocular dryness, lack of convergence, difficulty concentrating, headaches…. These complaints are due to the long hours spent in front of these digital devices, and make the work at the quatidien difficult to manage.

Following this observation, the “Clinique de l’oeil Casablanca” sets up a unit specialized in the care of people suffering from these complaints.

Dr. Chahbi Mohammed and his team of specialized ophthalmologists are at your disposal. They will analyze your visual difficulties, advise you, and propose medical and ergonomic solutions.

Blue light effects on the eye

Blue light is everywhere. Outside, the sunlight, more precisely, the spectrum of visible light, contains blue light waves, which are the shortest and the highest in terms of wavelength. Because they are shorter, these blue wavelengths or high visible energy (HVE) sparkle more easily than longer wavelengths. This type of flicker causes glare that can reduce visual contrast and affect vision.

Inside, sources of blue light are diverse: computer, smartphones, tablets, TV and LEDs. This flicker and glare imposed by these digital devices can be the cause of eyestrain, headaches, and mental and physical fatigue that can be felt after many hours spent in front of a computer or other electronic devices.